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    Kababjees Restaurant

    Kabab-ji Restaurant Karachi is the only authentic Lebanese restaurant in a 5-star hotel Sheraton Karachi. It adds a completely new dimension to Lebanese cuisine. All traditional favorites, as well as some you may not have heard of, are beautifully made and served with passion and style. The menu tailored for this particular restaurant makes it easy and enjoyable to try a wide range of hot and cold mezze especially prepared by our Lebanese Chefs. So let’s come towards Kabab ji Restaurant Sheraton Karachi and enjoy the delicious taste of foods with some exclusive deals and discount.

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    Abaan Lebanese

      Abaan Lebanese Restaurant Karachi Located at Khayabe Jami DHA Karachi. They offer the surprisingly great taste of Lebanese dishes in quite a reasonable price. Abaan building is beautiful with an impressive reception area; the main dining hall is located on the 2ndFloor. It is quite airy, attractive décor with comfortable seating infect it is an ideal place for Arabic dishes in a very calm and comfortable environment. So let’s come towards Abaan Lebanese Restaurant Karachi and some delicious taste of foods form their menu with some exclusive deals and discount.

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    Rosati Bistro

    The Rosati Bistro is all about excellence-to-the-table philosophy. If food is the language of love, we have mastered the art of speaking it. With the genuine spirit of hospitality, it offers a wide range of flavors to suit the liking of an ever-growing and diverse population with a delicate palate. We have carefully designed a menu that offers Italian, Mexican and Lebanese cuisine. Our restaurant combines a subtle blend of comfort and class and promises friendliness with a hint of exclusivity. The Rosati Bistro offers you a fine blend of formal and casual dining. We have four exclusive dining areas.

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    Paramount Fine Foods

      Embracing the fresh and healthy flavors of the Middle East, Paramount Fine Foods shares the most authentic and exotic recipes which have been passed down for generations. Serving baked pita straight from wood-burning ovens, charcoal barbeque Halal meats, chicken and beef shawarma, various flat-bread style dishes, and fresh baklava handmade daily provide guests with a culinary experience that will not be forgotten. The Paramount Fine Foods experience is designed to go beyond great flavours and recipes. With delicate lighting and chandeliers, wall surface waterfalls, rich colour palettes, traditional music, and warm welcoming staff, our restaurants provides a pleasing environment Read more [...]

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    Mashriq Restaurant

    Mashriq restaurant is a perfect place for you to enjoy Arabic Lebanese and Pakistani cuisine. We serve our customer with best food and hospitality and we deliver hygienic food.

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    Figaro Grill

      As with the increasing population of Pakistan, the purchasing power as well as needs of Pakistanis increasing day by day so, they now want to try something new and luxury that’s why there are many restaurants comes up with new cuisines and blast the market with their food. Figaro Grill is one of the recent diners in Karachi attracting people with its outstanding food. Figaro Grill extended menu starts from Lebanese and end with the continental touch. You can have everything from burgers to traditional BBQ platter in Skewer. Figaro Grills offers an amazing and luxury seating to every their Read more [...]

  • Behisht

    Behisht is a Fusion Lebanese Restaurant at the Roof Top of The Place (Nueplex Cinemas), Phase 8, DHA  

  • Orerry Pakistan

    Orrery is an ultimate restaurant experience in Pakistan, offering 2 styles of dining under one roof Café Ocoa and O’grill.

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      Paramount Fine Foods, a Middle Eastern food chain, has finally branched itself out from Canada to Pakistan. Not only is it a Lebanese restaurant, it also comprises a fine bakery featuring many items that one usually doesn’t find in Karachi. Situated in Khayaban-e-Shamsheer in a building that previously belonged to another restaurant, this new eatery has been completely transformed into a traditional yet modern space for fine dining; the ornamentation managing to forgo its past resonance and creating a new identity.

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    Damascus Restaurant

        Serving the best quality Authentic Arabic Cuisine, since 1999! Damascus is an open-air restaurant located in the heart of the city. The Arabic music and delicious food under the open Karachi sky have given an all-new meaning to ‘Eating out’.   Be it a casual mint-ghawa session with friends, a family dinner or a snack on the go, Damascus has something on the menu to suit your appetite, the Juicy Furrouge, Shawarmas, Pita Sandwiches, Pita Pizzas, Beef or Chicken Burgers, and the first Crust filled Pizza in town!   Along with setting the trend for the first Crust Read more [...]

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    Kitchen 2

      Kitchen 2 Karachi is a trendy modern eatery – the idea is all about simple, fresh ingredients & wholesome meals. You can grab a quick sandwich, a bowl of pasta, burger or a delicious dessert along with a wide array of Lebanese dishes to choose from. Kitchen 2 Karachi’s ambiance is easy on the eyes and pulsating at the same time. With comfortable seating and trendy decor’, Wi-Fi and the latest lounge music, Kitchen 2 Karachi promises to be the perfect place for your perfect dining experience.