Tag: Bakery In BMCHS Sharafabad in Karachi

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    LA Farine Oven Fresh Bakery

    ABOUT LA FARINE OVEN FRESH BAKERY, Soft and wholesome bread filled, topped and flavored with captivating ingredients like meats, vegetables, fruits, creams, and chocolates. The range of specialty cakes, each offering a profusion of visual expressions and invigorating taste sensations. Customers’ daily favorites of fresh pizzas, cakes, pastries, pies, croissants, muffins, bread, cookies.

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    Khalid Sweets n Bakers

    KHALID SWEETS & BAKERS. Opened with the purpose to provide our customers with foods of high quality, personalized services and value for money. For us, the best has always been the creed, manifesto, and philosophy of our services. Pakistani foods are famous worldwide for their yummy taste and authentic flavor.