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    California Pizza

    California Pizza has been serving the Karachiite Foodies since April 2012. With its wide variety of flavors, California Pizza stands as one of the most loved pizzerias of Karachi & Lahore. The slogan “Bigger Size, Better Taste” is reflected in its all unit sizes. California Pizza strives to give its customers the unique experience of taste, quality, fulfillment and Fun, through the best food and services in Dine-in, Takeaway, Online, and Delivery, throughout Karachi & Lahore. California Pizza believes in innovation, which brings our new flavor Creamy Tikka, Ranch Pizza to our valued customers, that turned out to be the Read more [...]

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    Domino’s Pizza

    From the delicious first bite to the last, Domino’s will leave you craving for more! Our menu combines taste and variety to give you a wonderful experience. From a wide variety of toppings to different types of pizza crusts to delicious sides, we have it all!