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  • Thali Inn

    Thali Inn Restaurant Karachi a place where you are served all kinds of food belonging to Arabian, Pakistani and South Indian cuisine in large. It is situated at the end of Boat BasinKarachi. Most of the items on the menu are served in the form of platters or thali’s under a very attractive, calm & hygienic environment so let’s come towards Thali Inn Restaurant & enjoy the delicious taste of foods with some exclusive deals and offers  

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    Solen Istanbul

    A Turkish man’s gastronomical obsession, a bit of dreaming and a great deal of destiny is what brought Turkish restaurant Solen Istanbul to Pakistan. Restaurateur Mehmet Celal Ulutatar came to Karachi to set up a business venture and realized during his stay how much potential the port city has. “I see a lot of potential in Karachi for Solen Istanbul. Destiny brought me here,” said Ulutatar at the opening of his restaurant at Dolmen City Mall in Clifton on Friday. Solen Istanbul, which is a chain of restaurants, has five outlets in Turkey’s capital Istanbul. At the event, the excited Read more [...]

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    Ridan House of Mandi

      We serve the finest authentic Arabian Cuisine with rich flavors that have drawn people from all over to come and experience the food that takes them to the Middle East. We provide a dining experience that goes beyond, just good food and focuses on flavor with high-quality service in a warm and welcoming Arabian ambiance.   We’re Ridan –The House of Authentic Flavours!  

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    Paramount Fine Foods

      Embracing the fresh and healthy flavors of the Middle East, Paramount Fine Foods shares the most authentic and exotic recipes which have been passed down for generations. Serving baked pita straight from wood-burning ovens, charcoal barbeque Halal meats, chicken and beef shawarma, various flat-bread style dishes, and fresh baklava handmade daily provide guests with a culinary experience that will not be forgotten. The Paramount Fine Foods experience is designed to go beyond great flavours and recipes. With delicate lighting and chandeliers, wall surface waterfalls, rich colour palettes, traditional music, and warm welcoming staff, our restaurants provides a pleasing environment Read more [...]

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    Mashriq Restaurant

    Mashriq restaurant is a perfect place for you to enjoy Arabic Lebanese and Pakistani cuisine. We serve our customer with best food and hospitality and we deliver hygienic food.

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    Ibn Battuta

      Ibn-Battuta Karachi was the only Muslim traveler in medieval times.The traveler by passion Ibn-Battuta visited most of the known historic lands. The travel voyage depicts his trials and discoveries from Arabia, Persia, Subcontinent and Pan Asia .These recipes have been handed down generations and were recently acquired by us. We are serving the magical dishes which are essential for your taste buds.

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    Arab Connection Restaurant

    Arab Connection restaurant Karachi is the most admired domestic eateries Hotel in Karachi. At Arab Connection, restaurant dining room is all day favorite to its visitors by means of innovative look & delicious food offers like Arabian Dreamz, Deserts, King of Kafta Combo, Genie Wings, Benefits/Chickita and many others. So let’s come and enjoy the good taste with Arab Connection restaurant Karachi Menu with some exclusive deals and offers.  

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    Damascus Restaurant

        Serving the best quality Authentic Arabic Cuisine, since 1999! Damascus is an open-air restaurant located in the heart of the city. The Arabic music and delicious food under the open Karachi sky have given an all-new meaning to ‘Eating out’.   Be it a casual mint-ghawa session with friends, a family dinner or a snack on the go, Damascus has something on the menu to suit your appetite, the Juicy Furrouge, Shawarmas, Pita Sandwiches, Pita Pizzas, Beef or Chicken Burgers, and the first Crust filled Pizza in town!   Along with setting the trend for the first Crust Read more [...]