How Can Some People Eat Fast Food and Not Gain Weight

How Can Some People Eat Fast Food and Not Gain Weight



Fried food is no doubt considered as the privileged choice of food above other options. But the problem with this food is that it gives more energy intake as compared to other food and if this energy is not utilized properly by you than you can observe the fat layer on your body. A lot of people from all of us are astonished to see that some of our friends totally rely on the fried food and still they don’t gain weight. While, if we eat the similar food items, we gain weight in no time.  


According to American Council on Exercise (ACE), these people are involved in non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). They keep themselves more active than others which help them burn more calories. Genes also have a key role in gaining weight. It is the extremely annoying situation for those people who gain weight so rapidly. But unhappily, it is their genes to be responsible. These people always wonder how their friends get away with the weight gain process even after eating a lot of junk food. There are a lot of activities that directly increase your metabolism to a certain level so that you can burn more calories without too many efforts.

We have highlighted some of the main factors that will surely help you overcome your weight so that you can also enjoy your favorite fast food with your slim friends.

1.Engage in NEAT


The American Council on Exercise says that those who don’t gain weight while eating fast food are busy in non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). It is a process of having small movements all the day like wiggling your legs while at work, preferring the standing position than sitting as much as possible. You can get involved in it easily when preparing your meal or talking on the phone in a standing position. It is also very effective for those people who don’t want to spend their time in the gym but loves to keep their weight in a limit.


2. More Muscle Tissue


Muscle requires more calories in your body than fat that’s why it is better to have more muscle so that you can burns calories easily. It is not only a nice way to control weight but also helps you to manage daily activities more energetically. To build muscle you definitely need to lift weight either in the exercise club or in the home. Bodybuilders usually have less fat and more muscle in their body because they use to lift heavyweight from a long time. Lifting more heavyweight can increase the growth of your muscle. Your muscular body-weight linked a lot with your height and bone structure. People with good height can build more muscle mass than those having a short height.


3. Eat Small Portion


Eating a small portion of food is one of the best ways of not getting more weight. It is very tough to do this because the menu of fast food in almost all the restaurants is normally full of too many items to eat. You must make small portions wisely like you can add some vegetables and salad to your meal to balance high caloric food. You can also add fresh soups and stews in your everyday meal plans. Controlling the portion size of the food you eat in a day can be very helpful for you to lose the weight. Age is also a key factor because old people have the slow metabolic rate that’s why they gain more weight rapidly.


4. Fast Metabolism

Whenever you put any food in your body it creates energy in the form of calories. Every human body behaves a bit differently in burning those calories and the exact rate at which a human body burns that energy is basically called metabolism. It depends upon the activities you perform daily to consume that amount of calories. Generally, the people with more muscle mass have a much faster metabolic rate which is the main reason for burning calories quickly in their body.


5. Nervous energy



Nerves control too many things in a human body like heart rate, muscle tension, and breathing. Those people in which the nerves run at a high pace can easily burn a lot of calorie than the other people. It is one of the major reasons that people who are more nervous have the ability to burn calories quickly.


6. Physical Activity

Physical activity is a fundamental part of any health plan because these activities get your heart pumping and burn a good number of calories inside your body. Running, sprinting and jogging are considered as the key of a weight burning. If you are running a 10-minute mile for an hour, you can approximately burn around 690 calories. It totally depends upon the speed of your run. Walking at a quick speed of 3.5 mph burns over 250 calories which is an excellent way to overcome the daily need for calories in your body.  Some people have a daily habit for doing one of these activities which helps them get rid of extra fat even after eating all the junk food because they manage to control the excess of calories with physical activities.



These are some of the key reason which plays an important role for some people who not gain weight and eat all the tasty fast food they want. Some of these factors like the genetic one which is not in your control but others like physical activities and having little food in the plate are easy to manage in order to get healthy with less fat and enjoy your desired fast food.





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