Top 10 flavorsome burgers

Burgers are loved all over the world; however, which type of
burger is preferred totally depends on the location. There are several type of
amazing burgers; here, we will discuss 10 different awesome burgers that are mouthwatering
with juicy condiments dressed up with a dreamy meat patty. Let’s see the
burgers which are flavorsome and quite famous in almost every place.

Beef Burgers

Beef burger is a food junkie’s heaven. Simple yet full of
flavors, beef burger is served with 1-inch thick patties that are at least
4-inch wide. In order to prevent the burgers from bulging, you need to make
approx. 2 inch wide indentation with the help of your thumb. After the beef
burger is on the grill, this is where you, must season the patties as you want.
The quantity of salt and pepper totally depends on personal preferences. One
side will take about 3 to 5 minute to completely cool so that’s total of 6 to
10 minute on both sides combines. Additionally, if you like to make it more flavorsome,
add 2 slices of cheese just few minute before the patties are completely done.
This will melt the cheese on your patties giving it a beautiful look as well as
taste. Serve the patties on the buns; top with lettuce and tomato, your beef
burger is ready.

Elk Burgers


Elk burgers are prepared similar to any other burger
however, they are different in taste. Elk’s flavor is similar to that of beef
however, it is slightly sweet. Unlike beef, it is quite healthy alternative.
Elk is comparatively lower in fat and contains high protein level. It also
contains omega -3 fatty acids and other fat that are healthy for our bodies.

Portobello Mushroom Burgers

If you want a meat with rich, earthy and meaty qualities,
Portobello mushroom burgers would satisfy all your needs. They are quite famous
and provides a good alternative for vegans. The Portobello mushroom patties are
quite big and full of flavor this is why it is a good alternative for
vegetarians. Anyone who wants a more healthy diet can switch to Portobello
mushroom burgers as they can fill your stomach without injecting junk into your
body. It also provides a much less calorie consumption so replacing them with
beef will show amazing results.

Turkey Burgers

Even though beef burgers are most famous in all types of
burgers however, they aren’t the healthiest choice when it comes to clean
eating. The biggest issue with beef burger is that they are too fatty and they
are loaded with extra calories that we do not want. Turkey burgers on the other
hand are much leaner and they are definitely much healthier than chicken or
beef both. The texture is on the same level as other meats which is why turkey
burgers are quite healthier alternative. There are various recipes for turkey
burger however, everyone is different and you can make a turkey burger
according to your taste and liking.

Veggie Burgers

In terms of healthiest options when it comes to fast food,
veggie burgers probably take the lead. Since the ingredients are all veggies,
plants etc. you can be content that you are making a good choice. However,
there are some concerns as well when it comes to eating veggies at a
restaurant. The calories might be a little high when you compare it with home
cooked veggie burgers. Having said that, it is still a healthier option
compared with other burgers. With veggie burgers you get patties made of
different vegetables, whole grains, beans and lentils. These ingredients are
good for you and they provide heavy quantity of protein and minerals.

Bison Burgers

Bison burger is also better in terms of calories and fat. It
is considerably leaner than a beef patty and provides more protein and less
saturated fat. The bison meat is slightly lighter than beef and the aftertaste
isn’t much as well. Its qualities of being leaner and little sweet make it an
easy alternative for beef.

Wild Salmon Burgers

Burgers all have calories that because they are fried;
however, the patty meat can make a big difference. A wind salmon burger will be
comparatively lesser in calories than a chicken burger or a beef burger. You
also have less chance of being obese with the consumption of wild salmon
burgers because it is a fatty fish and considered quite healthy for human body.
You also are less likely to be affected with diabetes and other disease because
of salmon. A wild salmon burger isn’t actually a substitute of burger but it is
an extremely healthy alternative of fast food altogether.

Black Bean Burgers

A black bean burger substitutes black bean instead of meats
such as beef, chicken or turkey. Black beans are filled with protein and fiber
and also contains many vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron
and B complex vitamins. Another benefit of black bean is that they are filled
with antioxidants that helps in stopped chronic diseases.

Ranch Burgers

Ranch burger is an exotic burger with flavor so good you
wouldn’t stop. The secret for this burger is the ranch dressing which is gives
that tasty flavor to the burger. The burger is usually spicy and its quite
famous. It is best enjoyed with beef patties.

Lamb Burgers


Lamb burger is extremely flavorsome and contains high
quality of protein and other vitamins such as B12. It is also loaded with
different minerals that are good for your body. Comparatively, it is a healthy
option and if you happen to eat lamb burgers more, your muscle growth will also
increase as well as the performance. The lamb burger is extremely delicious and
a must try!

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